Cubicles 2 Web Series Review, Rating

In 2019, TVF made a series named Cubicles. Now its second season has come. Any project (from the film, series to all videos that can be counted) has its own target audience. The target audience of Cubicles 2 is office-going youth, which is a huge number in today’s time. Plus the timing of this series […]

Campus Diaries Web Series Review

On the New Friday of the New Year, a new series called ‘Campus Diaries‘ has come on the new-looking MX Player. This is a teen comedy series that is directly youth-oriented. Campus Diaries Web Series Story: The center point of the story is Excel University. Where the walls are extra bright and students extra loud. […]

Minnal Murali Movie Review, Rating, Cast

There is a new superhero in the market, ‘Minnal Murali‘. This first superhero of Malayalam cinema has directly hit his entry on Netflix. Seeing ‘Minnal Murali‘, things like whether he is a bird is he a plane will come to mind because the concept of superhero itself is foreign to itself. But here superheroes with […]

83 Movie Review, Rating, Cast, Release Date

An incredible but amazing event like legends was the Indian cricket team winning the 1983 World Cup. Obviously, when the film was made on this story, it was bound to skyrocket the expectations. Can Kabir Khan’s ‘83‘ live up to those expectations? Let’s know. 83 Movie Story: ‘83‘ is such a film, about whose story […]

Pushpa: The Rise Movie Review, Rating

‘Pushpa: The Rise‘ was released on 17 December. After watching this film, it seems that the makers were sure about their product. Although it can also be called a sort of over-confidence. Because ‘Pushpa‘ is a full-on masala film, whose word of mouth will get better with each passing day. This thing will help this […]

420 IPC Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast

OTT platforms also have all the legal dramas in the form of web series and films. In such a situation, another courtroom drama has come on ZEE5 – 420 IPC. The best thing about 420 IPC is that there is no exaggeration or redundancy anywhere in the court or court proceedings that are seen here. […]

Spider-Man: No Way Home Movie Review, Rating

Spider-Man: No Way Home Movie Story: The film Spider-Man: No Way Home begins exactly with the end of ‘Spiderman: Far From Home. Mysterio tells the whole world that Peter Parker is Spiderman. He is also accused of killing Mysterio, so the police are behind. On the other hand, personal life also becomes turbulent. Peter suddenly […]

Aranyak Web Series Review, Rating, Cast

Aranyak Web Series Story: The story of ‘Aranyak‘ takes place in a fictional town in Himachal Pradesh, named Sirona. There is a forest in Sirona, from where the body of a French girl named Amy has been found. The local police there are engaged in the investigation of this matter. But the people of the […]

Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui Movie Review

Ayushmann Khurrana’s film, ‘Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui‘ has been released. Vaani Kapoor is in the lead with him. Abhishek Kapoor has directed the film. Ayushmann, who wrapped the social message in humor, has tried something similar this time too. We will talk about what is good and what is not. Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui Movie Story: Boy […]

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