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Pippa Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast, Release Date

In the vast expanse of Bollywood cinema, war films hold a special place, evoking emotions of patriotism, sacrifice, and the indomitable spirit of the human race. Pippa, a poignant tale set against the backdrop of the 1971 Indo-Pak War, seamlessly weaves together the narratives of love, loss, and unwavering bravery. Pippa Movie Story: At the […]

Dahaad Web Series Review, Rating, Cast, Story

Sonakshi Sinha enters the police station. She is wearing a police officer’s uniform with the name “Anjali Bhati” written on it. Walking through the hall of the Mandawa Police Station in Rajasthan, Anjali makes her way to her desk. A police officer gives her a disapproving look. He takes out incense sticks from his desk […]

Modern Love Mumbai Web Series Review, Cast, Rating

The stories in ‘Modern Love Mumbai‘ are inspired by personal stories from the column ‘Modern Love’ published in the New York Times. This six-part series is a portrait of complex and beautiful metaphors of love. The series weaves different aspects, colors, and moods of Mumbai into a thread of love. When the trailer came out, […]

Sharmaji Namkeen Movie Review, Cast

The film Sharmaji Namkeen begins with a video of Rishi Kapoor’s son Ranbir Kapoor, where Ranbir explains that during the shooting of the film, Rishi left this world, and Ranbir also resorted to prosthetics so that the film was completed but it did not work out. . In such a situation, Paresh Rawal joined this […]

Jalsa Movie Review, Rating, Cast, Story

Amidst releases like ‘Bachchan Pandey’, ‘Bloody Brothers’ and ‘Apharan Season 2’, another film has arrived this week, ‘Jalsa‘. Vidya Balan and Shefali Shah are leading this film released on Amazon Prime Video. Jalsa Movie Story: The film starts on a late Friday night. We meet a boy and a girl, about whom we know nothing. […]

Pushpa: The Rise Movie Review, Rating

‘Pushpa: The Rise‘ was released on 17 December. After watching this film, it seems that the makers were sure about their product. Although it can also be called a sort of over-confidence. Because ‘Pushpa‘ is a full-on masala film, whose word of mouth will get better with each passing day. This thing will help this […]

Inside Edge Season 3 Review, Cast, Ratings

This weekend many movies and shows have come on theaters and OTT for your entertainment. Out of which, today we will review “Inside Edge Season 3″. Inside Edge Season 3 Story: Like every show, Season Two of Inside Edge also ended with a cliffhanger. Where the Mumbai Mavericks were banned for two years. Bhaisab had […]

Chacha Vidhayak Hai Hamare Season 2 Review

Chacha Vidhayak Hai Hamare Series Cast: Zakir Khan Vyom Sharma Kumar Varun Venus Singh Zakir Hussain Alka Amin Abhimanyu Singh Onima Kashyap Chacha Vidhayak Hai Hamare Series Release Date: Season 1: 18 May 2018 ( AMAZON PRIME ) Season 2: 26 March 2021 ( AMAZON PRIME ) Chacha Vidhayak Hai Hamare Season 2 Trailer: Chacha […]

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