Bicycle Days Movie Review

Bicycle Days Movie Review, Rating, Cast

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Last updated on January 11th, 2024

In 2014, a film titled ‘Lakshmi’ was released, which focused on child trafficking, and was directed by Nagesh Kukunoor. Devyani Anant was an assistant director in that film. She has now made a film called ‘Bicycle Days‘ about children for adults.

Bicycle Days Movie Story:

It tells the story of Ashish, who is taking steps into the sixth grade. All of his friends have started going to school in the city, and he wants to go too. However, his family is not sending him. He wants a bicycle, but his family is not providing one. Ashish has many complaints, and he has many innocent desires. The film ‘Bicycle Days‘ is woven around these aspirations.

Bicycle Days Movie Cast:

  • Darshit Khanwe
  • Soham Shah
  • Rishabh Sah
  • Parv Agarwal
  • Mudit Gunhere
  • Mitul Gupte
  • Nidhi Dewan
  • Umesh Shukla

Bicycle Days Movie Release Date:

  • 14 April 2023

Bicycle Days Movie Trailer:

Bicycle Days Movie Review:

I watched a film called ‘Hansa,’ which was made by Manav Kaul. It was a heartwarming film entirely focused on children. Watching ‘Bicycle Days‘ reminded me of that film. It is also a film that is wholly child-dominated. Nowadays, such films are rare, where the story revolves solely around children without addressing any major social issues related to them. The film ‘Bicycle Days delve into the mind of Ashish. What can children think? Why do they think? How important is it to talk to them? Not communicating can deeply affect their innocent hearts. All of these aspects are part of this film.

Devyani Anant has beautifully adorned it with her writing and direction. There are long shots that bring tranquility to the story. The film does not attempt to rush the pace, which I found commendable. Along with its writing, there is something special about it—relatable conversational dialogues. I appreciate films and stories that stand on the shores of wisdom literature. This film embodies that essence. It consists of situational dialogues, without trying to preach or give lessons. It simply portrays what is happening and captures it within the dialogue.

The relationship between grandfather and grandson is portrayed in a very endearing manner. They share a strong bond and the grandfather supports his grandson, Ashish, in various aspects of his life, from convincing his father to a bicycle to helping with school admissions. The film also explores other family relationships, such as sibling bonds and parent-child dynamics. The director, Devyani Anant, effectively captures the essence of these relationships.


The acting performances are natural, particularly Darshit Khanvayi as Ashish, who delivers a commendable performance. Umesh Shukla stands out as the grandfather, displaying remarkable acting skills. The supporting cast, including friends of Ashish, also does a good job, although some instances of dialogue delivery could be more active and timely. Nonetheless, this can be overlooked considering the child actors’ overall performance.


The film has a good storyline, but it moves at a slow pace. It is recommended for those who prefer a slower-paced viewing experience, as it may not appeal to fans of action films. However, it provides insights into child psychology. While it may not be a must-watch, it is worth considering for children. Films that solely focus on children are rare, so it is worth going to the cinema to watch them. Although some may argue that “Bicycle Days” should have been released on an OTT platform.

Bicycle Days Rating:

  • 3/5 (⭐⭐⭐)

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