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Afwaah Movie Review, Rating, Cast, Story

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Last updated on January 11th, 2024

Afwaah is a deadly weapon that can lead to mental and physical harm, and everything bad. Our history is filled with hundreds of examples of how rumors have taken innocent lives. In the changing times, rumors have progressed. Technology has expanded the impact of rumors and increased their speed of spreading. Now rumors are not just a weapon but a destructive force. Keeping the same fearful aspect of rumors in the center, veteran director Sudhir Mishra has made a film. Its name is ‘Afwaah‘ which translates to ‘rumor’ in English. Let’s find out what kind of an attempt this film is to highlight the tragedies of this era.

Afwaah Movie Story:

As the title suggests, the central plot of the film revolves around an Afwaah. However, it is not a rumor born out of ignorance, but a deliberate and planted rumor. Rahab Ahmed, an ad world expert, returns to his village in Rajasthan. Nivi is a politician’s daughter who has been given away in marriage as a political move by her father. Nivi’s future husband, Vikram Singh, is a young politician who wants to advance in the world of politics by any means necessary. He is willing to do anything to climb the ladder of success quickly. From inciting violence to spreading fake news, he is ready to do it all…

Regardless, Nivi can no longer tolerate Vikram Singh’s gang and wants to get away from them. She is running away with Rahab Ahmed when they are chased by Vikram Singh, aka Vicky Banna’s goons. The situation turns such that Rahab ends up helping Nivi in her attempt to escape. Suddenly, Rahab is caught in this difficult situation and, due to his kindness, supports Nivi and even pays the price for it.

Meanwhile, someone advises Vicky Banna that if he wants to avoid the humiliation of fleeing from the scene, he should sponsor an Afwaah that can save his political career. That’s where the bloody game begins, based on a well-thought-out rumor.

Afwaah Movie Cast:

  • Nawazuddin Siddiqui
  • Bhumi Pednekar
  • Sharib Hashmi
  • Sumit Kaul
  • Sumeet Vyas
  • Appurv Gupta
  • Carl Zohan
  • TJ Bhanu
  • Eisha Chopra
  • Rockey Raina
  • Kaviraj Laique
  • Krishan Bhargav

Afwaah Movie Release Date:

  • 05 May 2023

Afwaah Movie Trailer:

Afwaah Movie Review:

The film begins slowly and takes a while to connect. You fear that the movie may end up being another heartless social commentary. However, things start falling into place as the story progresses, and the film picks up pace in the second half. The film continues to discuss its central theme and other essential issues, such as patriarchy, communalism, sexual harassment in the workplace, fake news, and so on.

The film not only shows how easy it is to trigger the public but also that controlling the people who have been triggered often becomes uncontrollable. The group that has been incited can turn into a demon that devours you. Those whose eyes are blinded by hate do not even spare their creators. They do not hesitate to eliminate them either. The film succeeds in establishing this point in a very strong way. This is the biggest success of this film.


Speaking of performances, all actors have done a good job, but two people shone the most – Bhumi Pednekar and Sharib Hashmi. Bhumi has completely immersed herself in her character as an idealistic, rebellious student. Her body language shines through her character’s quirks. There is a scene in the film where she confronts a student who, despite being educated, believes in rumors. Bhumi’s aggression and dialogue delivery in that scene is worth watching. She has carried her character’s eccentricities and tone effectively throughout the film.

Sharib Hashmi has blown everyone away with his portrayal of Right Hand Chandan in the role of Vicky Banna. When Chandan, who never hesitates to do wrong in the name of religious devotion, puts his own life in danger, Sharib effectively conveys the character’s mental conflict.

Actor Sumit Vyas, known for his most sweet and lovable characters, may seem ruthless in the role of a politician. He is very impressive. This film is proof of his strong acting caliber. Nawazuddin Siddiqui has played a character outside his usual space. And since he is a very versatile actor, he has presented Rahab Ahmad effortlessly. Another actress worth mentioning is Teejay Bhun. She has played the role of a police officer stuck between morality and compulsion in an impressive manner. People will want to see more of her.

Writing & Direction:

Writer-director Sudhir Mishra is known for making issue-based films and doing justice to his subjects. This time too, he has succeeded. He acquaints us with the horror of fake news, but not in a documentary style. He does it through a thriller film. The way he presents the climax will both impress and distress you. In the end, Sudhir Mishra uses a metaphor for donkeys. Writing more about it will be a spoiler, but one scene, in particular, gives a feeling of satisfaction. Without any dialogue, the scene comments on the crowd mentality that blindly spreads anything without thinking.


So, it can be said that ‘Afwaah‘ is not just a thriller film, but also a wake-up call. Everyone should watch it. Go ahead and see it.

Afwaah Movie Rating:

  • 3/5 (⭐⭐⭐)

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