Aye Zindagi Life Finds a Way Movie Review

Aye Zindagi: Life Finds a Way Movie Review, Rating

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Last updated on December 14th, 2023

Organ donation can give life to someone. Everyone must have heard this thing many times, but only a few people have taken it seriously. Actually, organ donation is done to those people whose diseases are late-stage and need an organ transplant. Due to a lack of awareness, lakhs of people across the country are battling between life and death due to the non-availability of organs. Whereas the organs that give life to the needy are handed over to them. At the same time, in case of death in an accidental accident, many parts of the human body can be donated for some time. The film Aye Zindagi: Life Finds a Way is based on a true incident, underlining the importance of organ donation.

Aye Zindagi Life Finds a Way Movie Story:

This story is of 26-year-old software engineer Vinayak Chawla (Satyajit Dubey) working in Lucknow. He is suffering from liver cirrhosis disease. His father has retired. Vinayak has only six months to live until he gets a liver transplant. He has hidden the information about his illness from his company. He meets counselor Revathi Rajan (Revati) in Hyderabad, taking four days off for his treatment. Revathi inspires the relatives of brain-dead patients to donate their organs. When the company decides to fire Vinayak, his doctor brother Kartikeya (Sawan Tank) takes the responsibility of taking care of him by staying with him in the office. The senior executives of Vinayak’s company also extend a helping hand when he is diagnosed with the disease, but how does he get this liver? What kind of guilt does he feel about this, the story is about this.

Aye Zindagi Life Finds a Way Movie Cast:

  • Revathi
  • Satyajeet Dubey
  • Muskan Aggarwal
  • Mrinmayee Godbole
  • Hemant Kher
  • Rishad Mahmud
  • Jayesh Raj
  • Sawan Tank
  • Pranjal Trivedi
  • Shrikant Verma

Aye Zindagi Life Finds a Way Movie Release Date:

  • 14 Oct 2022 (Cinema)

Aye Zindagi Life Finds a Way Movie Trailer:

Aye Zindagi Life Finds a Way Movie Review:

Many awareness campaigns are conducted regarding organ donation. This film is a commendable effort in that direction. This is the first film of Anirban Bose as a director. Anirban Bose himself is a doctor by profession. He has depicted the pain of a patient waiting for organ donation with seriousness. He has not shown the orthodox thinking about organ donation here, the problems of the medical world.

Since the hero is suffering from liver cirrhosis, the disease and the need for the liver have been told. There are many moments in the film which make you emotional. However, it has not been told in the movie what are the important things to keep in mind for organ donation. What is the qualification required for organ donation? Vinayak’s father’s side has also been shown very well in the film. The way his brother stands like a rock in Vinayak’s illness is touching.


Satyajit Dubey has lived Vinayak’s physical as well as mental mood in the cast with utmost seriousness and vigor. Hair falling during illness, growing belly, desire to live life, loneliness, and innocence in his love story with the nurse. Revathi’s performance in the role of a counselor is heart-touching. There have been many emotional scenes on his part which get emotional. In the character of the brother, Sawan suits his tone. Mrinmayi Godbole in the nurse role and Hemant Khare in the role of doctor are comfortable. The background music of the rest of the film is in line with the story.

At the end of the film, it is told about the person from whom the film is inspired. He is currently working on the awareness of organ donation. The gist of the film is how hope and humanity make life beautiful in spite of despair, despair, and many challenges.

Aye Zindagi Life Finds a Way Movie Rating:

  • 3 / 5 (⭐⭐⭐)

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