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Maja Ma Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast

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Last updated on December 14th, 2023

Movies are also being made for digital platforms. One of those films is Maja Ma, directed by Anand Tiwari.

Maja Ma Movie Story:

The story of the film begins with Tejas Patel (Ritvik Bhowmik) working in America, who is preparing to meet the parents of his girlfriend Aisha (Barkha Singh). Aisha’s parents are among the rich and famous people in America. Tejas’ mother Pallavi (Madhuri Dixit) from Gujarat calls him and completes the curd feeding ritual via video call before leaving for this auspicious work.

Aisha’s mother Pam (Sheeba Chaddha) and father Bob (Rajit Kapoor) get Tejas to do a lie detector test (a lie detector test) to find out whether he truly loves their daughter or has money. Pretending love for America’s Green Card. Tejas passes the test. Now Aisha’s family comes to Gujarat to meet Tejas’s family. While Tejas’s father Manohar (Gajraj Rao) is the chairman of his society, Pallavi is very famous in the society. Tejas’s married sister is staying away from her in-laws’ house to pursue her Ph.D. in homosexual life. She also raises her voice for the rights of the people of the LGBTQIA+ community.

One day a video of Pallavi surfaced, in which she is seen angrily telling her daughter that she is lesbian. What happens after that? Will Bob, looking for a cultured Indian family, get his daughter married to Tejas?

Maja Ma Movie Cast:

  • Madhuri Dixit
  • Gajraj Rao
  • Srishti Shrivastava
  • Ritwik Bhowmik
  • Sheeba Chaddha
  • Barkha Singh
  • Simone Singh
  • Rajit Kapoor

Maja Ma Movie Release Date:

  • 6 Oct 2022 (Amazon Prime Video)

Maja Ma Movie Trailer:

Maja Ma Movie Review:

Before this, many films have been made on the issue of homosexuality and have also disappointed. Another episode of the same disappointment is the film Maja Ma. A good film was expected from director Anand Tiwari after the web series Bandish Bandits, but he disappoints by showing this serious issue only superficially.

Writer Sumit Batheja also did not try to create a new story keeping this taboo issue in the center. The story of the film swings between the issue of feminism and homosexuality. The film is set in today’s era, so the statement of an Indian-origin couple living in America that women are impure during periods, so they will not drink tea from their hands, disappoints. Upon learning that the mother is a homosexual, it seems childish for a son who has returned from America to take his mother to Baba’s broomstick.

It is ridiculous for Rajit, Sheeba, and Barkha to speak English in the American style. The reasons why Tara is so concerned about the lesbian community are unclear. Simone Singh suddenly enters the story as Pallavi’s girlfriend Kanchan, but she focuses more on Pallavi’s husband Manohar than on Pallavi. He does not show any emotion throughout the film, so suddenly it seems strange that he abuses Pam in one scene. The love affair between Pallavi and Kanchan ends in a Garba scene, which was the premise of the film. The film is very slow, its duration makes it more boring. Being lesbian is not a crime… This dialogue doesn’t make an impact, as we’ve heard in many movies before.


Despite the weak script, Madhuri Dixit has handled many scenes with her acting. She feels suffocated to a great extent to hide her homosexuality from the fear of society. Gajraj Rao and Rajit Kapoor just seem to go according to the script. Rithvik, Srishti, and Barkha have done a good job in the supporting cast. Sheeba Chaddha impresses in some scenes. The song Rangeela Mara Naach, which was released before Navratri, is remembered only at the end of the film.

Maja Ma Movie Rating:

  • 2 / 5 (⭐⭐)

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