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Toolsidas Junior Movie Review, Rating

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Toolsidas Junior Movie Review
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One thing that is most common in Motivational films and films based on true events….feel-good factor….this factor seems small to say, just a feeling, but when you watch the film and if you find something Even if the flaws are visible, this feel-good factor compensates everything and you come out of the theater smiling. This feeling came even when the trailer of director Mriduy Mahendra’s film Toolsidas Junior came. Now the film has also been released, so let’s know how much truth is there in this matter.

Toolsidas Junior Movie Story:

According to the makers, Toolsidas Junior is a film based on true events. The characters are also real life. This story is about a father-son relationship. The father’s dream is to fulfill the son and a struggle goes along. Tulsidas Sr. (Rajeev Kapoor) is a great snooker player. Participates in snooker competition held every year in Kolkata club. Also reaches the final, but only Jimmy Tandon (Dalip Tahir) wins. But Tulsidas’ son Junior cannot see his father lose. In their defeat, he starts seeing his defeat. The father is also addicted to alcohol, in such a situation the family also goes on disintegrating. But this is where the turning point comes. His son (Varun Buddhadev) makes up his mind to avenge his father’s defeat.

One does not know how to play snooker, but the urge to learn is awakened. Then there is the story where the path is there. Goes to many places, hits a lot and finally, he meets Mohammed Salam or says Salaam Bhai (Sanjay Dutt). National level best snooker player. Once upon a time, no one was going to defeat him. Now there, Salaam Bhai teaches snooker to that little junior and works to set his life on a new one. How is this journey now…how much struggle the junior has to…

Toolsidas Junior Movie Cast:

  • Sanjay Dutt
  • Rajiv Kapoor
  • Varun Buddhadev
  • Dalip Tahil
  • Tasveer Kamil

Toolsidas Junior Movie Release Date:

  • 4 Mar 2022 ( Cinema )

Toolsidas Junior Movie Trailer:

Toolsidas Junior Movie Review:

Without spending much money….without building big sets and without any big star cast, the right film can be delivered to the audience. It may not be very amazing… but in the end, if you are coming out of the hall laughing, then you can praise the director. This feeling comes after watching Toolsidas Junior. The beginning seems a bit slow….Critical mind….so some flaws also start appearing…But as this journey progresses, the era of ignoring the shortcomings starts and you are in this situation. gets attached to the story.

Acting & Direction:

Toolsidas Junior has also got a good cast with his simple story. This was told to be the comeback film of Rajiv Kapoor. Now he is no more with us but has done a commendable job in this film. His role in the film has been kept a bit limited but seems right from the point of view of the story. By the way, this film was promoted saying that this is Rajiv Kapoor’s last film, but its main attraction is Varun Buddhadev who played the role of Toolsidas Junior. The child’s work in the film has been so spectacular that you can forget everything and bask in his innocence, hard work. In between, this child gives Ajay Devgan type feeling because he acts with his eyes.

Sanjay Dutta has also used his acting skills well in this film. Fits into the role of coach and every emotion of his has come out on screen. His bonding with Varun has also touched my heart. Dilip Tahar is playing the role of Villain in the film. He has done as much work as was expected of him in the role of a snooker player.

Talking about the direction of the film, it has also looked good after the initial hiccups. The last 20-25 minutes have seemed too good. The streets of Kolkata have also been captured well in the lens of the camera, the focus has been on some minor characters who have unknowingly given the right strength to the story.


Now Toolsidas Junior has not got much screen in the hall, so when it comes to OTT, it can be seen once. A little motivation, a little laughter, and a little bit of positivity can be found.

Toolsidas Junior Movie Rating:

  • 3 / 5 (⭐⭐⭐)

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