Hello Charlie Movie Review, Cast, Story

Hello Charlie Movie Review, Cast, Story

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Hello Charlie Movie Story:

The story of Hello Charlie revolves around Chirag Rastogi / Charlie (Aadar Jain), Gorilla (Toto). Charlie is a Pizza Delivery Boy who dreams big. In such a situation, he gets the responsibility of taking the gorillas out of Mumbai to another place. Charlie has no idea that what he is taking as a gorilla is not Toto, but the scammer Makwana (Jackie Shroff). Now to know what happens after this and how the rest of the characters of the film connect with each other, you will have to watch the film. While the film makes you laugh a lot, at the same time, it also bored some places. In the film, Mona (Elnaz Naoroji) is playing the character of MD Makwana (Jackie) girlfriend.

Movie Cast:

  • Jackie Shroff 
  • Aadar Jain 
  • Elnaaz Norouzi
  • Rajpal Yadav
  • Girish Kulkarni

Hello Charlie Movie Release Date & Where to Watch:


Movie Trailer:

Hello Charlie Movie Review:

Talking about the acting of stars, Aadar Jain still needs to learn a lot. At the same time, Shloka has got very less screen time, but she has won hearts with her acting and dance. Jackie Shroff has been as brilliant as ever, while Elnaz has also done a good job. While the film’s supporting characters such as Girish Kulkarni and Rajpal Yadav had their looks, but the character did not see any merit.

Since the film revolves around a gorilla, the best thing that has happened is the gorilla suit, which does not appear to be fake at any place. However, please tell that most of the real gorillas have also been used in the film. The dialogues of the film could have been better.

Overall thing is that you can watch the film. The film will not bore you but do not watch with much hope. However, to freshen up the mood, you can enjoy this film with family and especially children.

Hello Charlie Movie Rating:

  • 2 / 5 ( ⭐⭐ )

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