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Dolittle Movie (2020) | Trailer, Release Date, Cast

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Dolittle Movie (2020) Story

Dolittle Movie (2020) is an action, adventure, and comedy Hollywood film. Dolittle is releasing in four languages: English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu.
In a new take on the popular fantasy story, Robert Downey Jr. takes on the role of the eccentric doctor, who can talk to animals. The film is directed by Stephen Gaghan and produced by Universal Pictures. 

Doctor John Dolittle lives behind the high walls of his juicy manor in 19th century England. His only companion comes from an array of exotic animals that he speaks of daily. When the young Queen Victoria becomes seriously ill, the eccentric doctor Dolittle and her furry friend go on an adventure to an epic island to find a cure.

Dolittle Movie (2020) Cast

  • Robert Downey Jr. as Dr. John Dolittle
  • Harry Collett as Tommy Stubbins
  • Antonio Banderas as Rassoulim
  • Michael Sheen as Mudfly
  • Jessie Buckley as Queen Victoria
  • Ralph Ineson as Arnall Stubbins
  • Jim Broadbent
  • Kasia Smutniak
  • Carmel Laniado as Lady Rose

Directed by

  • Stephen Gaghan

Produced by

  • Susan Downey
  • Jeff Kirschenbaum
  • Joe Roth

Screenplay by

  • Stephen Gaghan

Story by

  • Thomas Shepherd

Based on

  • Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting

Music by

  • Danny Elfman


  • Guillermo Navarro

Edited by

  • Craig Alpert
  • Nick Moore

Production company

  • Media Rights Capital
  • Team Downey
  • Roth Films

Distributed by

  • Universal Pictures

Running time

  • 106 minutes


  • United States


  • English


  • $175 million


Dolittle Movie (2020) Release Date

  • January 17, 2020

Dolittle Movie (2020) Trailer

Dolittle Movie (2020) Review

Everyone’s favorite Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr. has once again come into the audience as ‘Doctor Dolittle’ after the film ‘Avengers Endgame’. And have to say that he is in full form in this Stephen Gaghan-directed film. The film’s biggest strengths are its fun dialogues and its cinematography.
This ‘Dolittle’ is a reboot of the ‘Doctor Do Little’ series films (introducing an old story in a new way). Talking about the history of this series, while the musical adaptation of this film released in 1967 was rejected by the audience, the film ‘Doctor Dolittle’ released in 1998, starring Eddie Murphy, was highly appreciated. After this, a sequel to this film was ‘Dr. Dolittle 2 ‘and three spinoffs (a film extending the life of one character of the main film)’ Dr. Dolittle 3 ‘,’ Tell to the Chief ‘and’ Million Dollar Muts’ films were also released.

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Surely the story of Dolittle written by Thomas Shepherd is vicious, not a penny … it is very simple and easy. Yes, one thing is certain, the way it is shown on the cinematic screen is very innocent and touching. It has the innocence of old films, which is rarely seen in new films. In the film, we meet Doctor Dolittle (Robert Downey Jr.), who is deeply saddened by the death of his wife Lily. He lives in a bungalow given by Queen Victoria (Jessica Buckley) of England with some animals and has not met any human for many years. He is so oblivious to the world that some animals have made a home in his grown beard! Suddenly one-day news comes that Queen Victoria is very ill. After a while, Nanakkar agrees to go to the doctor, Dolittle. Talking to an octopus imprisoned in the Aquarium there, he learns that Queen Victoria has been poisoned. But who? The story ahead opens the secret.
Robert Downey Jr. has done a good job in terms of acting. Harry Collett in the role of Tommy Stubbins, an associate of Dolittle, also did a great job. While watching the film, you often miss movies like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Jungle Book’. The film sometimes goes through the trails of adventure, sometimes stays on the islands of comedy and sometimes drenches in the dew of emotions. After it is over, you take a lovely smile with you. The English version of the film lends its voice to stars like John Cena, Rami Malek, Tom Holland, and Selena Gomez. The Hindi dubbed version of this film is also very interesting with Rajesh Khattar dubbing for Robert Downey Jr.

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