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Cobra Movie Review, Rating, Cast, Story

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Last updated on December 14th, 2023

Chiya Vikram’s film ‘Cobra‘ has finally been released after the postponement. The film has been produced by Ajay Nyanmuthu. AR Rahman has given music for the film. Along with Vikram, the film also stars actors like Roshan Mathew and Srinidhi Shetty. Also, former cricketer, Irfan Pathan has also made his acting debut with the film. How many people have come together to make a film, we will talk about the same in today’s review.

Cobra Movie Story:

Chief Minister of Odisha. Mayor of France. Prince of Scotland. Defense Minister of Russia. One thing that was common in all this, was that all of them have been murdered by a person named Cobra. A man named Madi is hiding behind the cobra. Madi grew up in difficult circumstances. But his grip on maths tried to make life easier to some extent. Madi is a genius man in the matter of maths. Meaning no one can hold his hand. With the help of this knowledge, and with the help of prosthetics, big people are being murdered. From India’s Investigating Agency to Interpol, everyone is behind him. Why is Madi doing this, the whole film wants to unfold layer by layer in the future.

Cobra Movie Cast:

  • Vikram
  • Sarjano Khalid
  • Srinidhi Shetty
  • Irfan Pathan
  • K. S. Ravikumar
  • Roshan Mathew
  • Anandaraj
  • Robo Shankar
  • Miya George
  • Mirnalini Ravi
  • Meenakshi Govindarajan
  • John Vijay
  • Mohammad Ali Baig
  • Raneesh
  • Kumar Natarajan
  • Suresh Chandra Menon
  • Shaji Chen
  • Adhik Ravichandran
  • Mamukkoya
  • Poovaiyar
  • Renuka
  • Anjana Appukuttan
  • Sindhu Shyam
  • Manikanda Rajan

Cobra Movie Release Date:

  • 31 August 2022 (Cinema)

Cobra Movie Trailer:

Cobra Movie Review:

There are some films whose one-liner sounds very smart to hear. These films also consider themselves smart, that we are going to make something amazing and new. But these movies are not smart. ‘Cobra‘ is one such film. Makers had a lot of money to spend. The shooting was also done by visiting foreign locations. Signed big actors. Things like actors, locations, etc. come later in making a film. First comes the story. The film lags on that level. You will get upset while trying to find logic. How can this happen, why did this happen, these questions will haunt you on countless occasions, not one or two.

The International Agency is investigating, and a college student breaks into their office. She is telling in front of everyone how the cobras must have committed their murders. Just from every next moment, she also gets along with the investigating agency without any hindrance. We see three parts of Vikram’s character Madi’s life. One childhood, second youth, and third today’s time. The timeline of all three is such that someone is taking a spin. They do not match each other.

The film starts tiring in the first half itself. Then comes the second half, where the mystery is to be revealed. The reason behind the character’s actions has to be clear. The second half only pushes the film. No one helps to make him interesting. Get an idea of ​​how new this is in itself. In the film, Vikram’s character Madi struggles with schizophrenia. The film seems inclined to present it as a mystery rather than dealing with sensitivity. There are some scenes where we see Madi hallucinating.


Roshan Mathew’s character in the film is a big businessman. Roshan’s character Rishi revolves around what is the rubbish template for an eccentric or psychopath character in films. Laugh out loud. Unnecessarily firing bullets while laughing. Kill your own henchmen. Rishi does all these things. His entry scene is a kissing scene to show how bad he is. Srinidhi Shetty played a character named Bhavna, who is Madi’s love interest. In the department of romance too, the film is not fresh. Even if you reduce this part, it does not make much difference to the narrative.

There is only one advantage of this part. Srinidhi gets so much screen presence, which he did not get in both parts of ‘KGF’. ‘Cobra’ was the debut film of Irfan Pathan. He has become an Interpol agent here. In the film, he is such that anyone could have taken his place. Means they can’t add anything.


Cobra‘ had a scale, an audience. Could have tried a new one. Instead, the makers thought it better to follow the set pattern. In such a situation, the music of AR Rahman also does not help the film in any way.

Cobra Movie Rating:

  • 2 / 5 (⭐⭐)

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