Looop Lapeta Movie Review

Looop Lapeta Movie Review, Rating, Story

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Last updated on December 14th, 2023

‘Reacher’, ‘The Great Indian Murder’ and ‘Rocket Boys’ are the names of web series released this week. A film has also come among them, on Netflix. The name is ‘Looop Lapeta‘. The film is produced by Akash Bhatia and stars like Taapsee Pannu, Tahir Bhasin, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, and Shreya Dhanwantri in the lead. ‘Looop Lapeta‘ was touted as the official Hindi remake of the 1998 German film ‘Run Lola Run’. This film is a shot-to-shot remake of the original or a great adaptation, now we will talk about it.

Looop Lapeta Movie Story:

Taapsee Pannu from ‘Rashmi Rocket’ continues her athlete’s momentum here as well. Her character Savi is an athlete. During a race, her knee gets injured, due to which her career ends. Savi cannot tolerate this and tries to commit suicide from the roof of the hospital. There she meets a boy named Satya, who saves her. Both fall in love. Satya is a number one bundler. Not hard work, but wants to become rich by some shortcut.

Works for his boss Victor. One such time, Victor sends her to get a bag worth Rs 50 lakh from someone, and he has to bring that bag within 80 minutes. Due to Satya’s carelessness, that bag gets lost from him. Now Savi and he have only 50 minutes to arrange 50 lakh rupees anyhow. What will Savi do in such a situation, this is the main plot of the film.

Looop Lapeta Movie Cast:

  • Taapsee Pannu
  • Tahir Raj Bhasin
  • Dibyendu Bhattacharya
  • Shreya Dhanwanthary
  • Rajendra Chawla
  • KC Shankar
  • Manik Papneja
  • Raghav Raj Kakker
  • Bhupesh Bandekar
  • Sameer Kevin Roy
  • Alistar Bennis
  • Varun Pande

Looop Lapeta Movie Release Date:

  • 4 Feb 2022 (Netflix)

Movie Trailer:

Looop Lapeta Movie Review:

Looop Lapeta‘ may be a remake of a cult German film, but an attempt has been made to Indianize it. Like its Mythology Connect. The story of Savi and Satya is based on the story of Savitri and Satyavan. The names of both are also based on their names. Victor, who became the enemy of Satya’s life from above, travels in a red car, in front of which there are big horns as if there is a metaphor for Yamraj. In one scene, Satya narrates the story of Savitri and Satyavan to Savi, how she saved him from death. ‘Looop Lapeta‘ has also given a tribute to the original film, as in a scene Savi meets a girl with red hair.

Acting & Writing:

The overall feel of ‘Loop Lapeta‘ is quirky. Be it popping colors or camera movement. Save some moments for your humor. Like at one place a girl named Julia is getting married to Robert. Julia Weds Robert is written on the card, which means correct wordplay. When the police fire with their guns, then like in old films, there is a sound of bullets firing. But in the midst of all this, the makers ignored a big thing. No matter how many different ways your camera moves, or how colorful your shots are, after a point, the story will get noticed, and this is where the big blunder becomes.

The main plot of the film was how Savi would help Satya in 50 minutes. What will Savi do, how will Satya survive, the film cannot at any point create this curiosity that you would like to know the answer to these questions. The characters that both of them get during their run, the film invests more of its time in their story. Because of this, the length also increases and justice cannot be done with the plot.

‘Run Lola Run’ did not show the backstories of its lead characters. ‘Looop Lapeta‘ does the opposite, but then after a while gets off track with the journey of its characters. Even actors cannot do anything about the weakness of the writing. Taapsee’s work is getting better with every project, so ‘Looop Lapeta‘ is also not an exception. Tahir has become a less understanding Satya, who works without thinking. He has a smile, seeing which it is understood that this guy is not very intelligent. Tahir has carried his expression in the entire film.


Looop Lapeta‘ will make you laugh, look funny at certain moments. But unfortunately for some moments. After watching a film of two hours and 10 minutes, it will be felt that apart from the story of Savi and Satya, everything has got space. You can watch ‘Looop Lapeta‘ on Netflix.

Looop Lapeta Movie Rating:

  • 2 / 5 (⭐⭐)

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