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Top 5 Horror Movies on Netflix – Best Horror Movie

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Top 5 Horror Movies on Netflix
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An audience loves to watch films that tell the world of ghosts, spirits. Many such films have come and gone which have scared people with fictional stories being based on true events. People’s bodies shivered after seeing these films. Today we are going to tell you about the top 5 horror movies on Netflix. Seeing this, not only will you lose sleep from your eyes, but you will also start feeling that someone is around you every moment. These movies will create fear in your hearts and minds. Let’s know about those films.

Top Horror Movies on Netflix:

“The Nun”

Even in history, there are many such incidents related to ghosts, which still scare people even today. ‘The Nun’ is made on such an incident. It is said that the film ‘The Nun’ is a film made about a ghostly nun of a church. It is shown in the film that a very powerful and dangerous spirit named Valak enters inside a nun. After which the orgy of fear and death begins.


“The Evil Dead”

The Evil Dead is a film based on 5 college students. Joe goes on an adventure to a cabin in the woods, where he finds a Book of the Dead. Unknown to the secret of this book, five students wake up their souls by reading it.


“Under the Shadow”

The film is based on a woman named Shideh and her family. During the Iran-Iraq war in 1980, Shideh’s husband leaves the war and goes to fight. In such a situation, Shideh lives alone in the house with her daughter Dorsa. One day she learns that her daughter is in the shadow of ghosts. What a mother does in the film to save her daughter from the ghosts is worth watching.


“The Blackcoat’s Daughter”

The film is the story of a school student who reaches an isolated school. During this, scary incidents happen with them there. By the end of the film, people will have to face fear.


The film Jessabelle cannot be forgotten on the list of Netflix horror movies. There is a full dose of fear in this film. In this such incidents of souls have been shown, seeing which your soul will tremble.


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