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Illegal Season 2 Web Series Review

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Illegal Season 2 Web Series Review
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In 2020, there was a series on Voot, ‘Illegal‘. Apart from loud and over-the-top courtroom scenes like the date on the date, the show tried to give space to the actual legal proceedings. However, comparatively, it cannot be compared with shows like ‘Suits’. Yet it was described as close to reality. At the heart of the story was Niharika, a new lawyer for whom words like justice and ideals were not just empty promises. She joins the law firm of Janardhan Jaitley. Janardan Jaitley i.e. JJ is clever, experienced, and also cunning. While working in JJ’s firm, Niharika gets caught up in a moral dilemma. His duty and ideals start pulling him in the opposite direction. When the limits of tolerance start increasing, she stands against JJ. In such a situation, what challenges he has to face, we saw in season one of ‘Illegal‘.

Now the second season of the show has come on Voot. The writing part of the first season was praised, although some flaws also emerged. I watched the show to know how successful the second season proved to be in removing those flaws. What was good and what was not, now we will talk about that.

Illegal Season 2 Web Series Story:

Niharika leaves JJ’s firm and starts a new firm with her courtroom rival Puneet Tandon in the first season. For which he also has to pay damages. The story begins with the murder of an influencer, who had Niharika’s number on the last dial. Even without wanting, he has to be involved in this case. Even though the show starts with this murder. But further Niharika works on more cases. Like a big company whose owner disappears by defaulting the bank loan. Employees do not get salaries. On the basis of all of them, Niharika fights their case.

Now before talking further, it is necessary to praise the writing of the show, which gave equal space to every plot and did not let things get complicated anywhere. It was not as if one subplot was more important than the other. Like, let’s talk about the murder of an influencer first. Police investigation reveals that a stalker was chasing the girl. He is captured, it is revealed that he is a minor. The person who stocked that influencer sent him back-to-back messages but had no involvement in his murder. Now here the show runs on the thin line of mortality. Where the public with social media wants to hang the stalker. What that boy did was totally wrong. But is it justified to demand death sentences, these are the tricky questions the show asks you.

Illegal Season 2 Web Series Cast:

  • Neha Sharma
  • Piyush Mishra
  • Akshay Oberoi
  • Satyadeep Misra
  • Tanuj Virwani
  • Parul Gulati

Illegal Season 2 Web Series Release Date:

  • 25 Nov 2021 (Voot)

Illegal Season 2 Web Series Review:

The show also talks about social media hate and stalking culture, how social media platforms show no hesitation in promoting any kind of content just to increase their engagement. When it comes to ourselves, then we get away that why did you click on such content, everyone has the right to free choice. But in reality, it is just an illusion of free choice. In such an environment, all this plot of ‘Illegal‘ seems quite relevant.

A part of the show is also spent in the courtrooms. Where if you are addicted to over-the-top drama, you will be disappointed. Because here the lawyers quote the old cases in the courtroom, remind them of the currents but do not have a rip-off type attitude. If you read the court hearing, you will find that it is not far from reality. But it is not that all the plus points are there in the show, now let us tell you about some negative points.

From the first season of the show, the public complained that the footage was not given to the research of the case there. It would be interesting to see how Niharika reached the bottom of the truth. When the second season came, it seemed that this complaint would go away. But it didn’t happen. This time too, most of the research work was done in dialogues. This could be changed.

The thing that strikes me the most this season is not just the low research, the problem is deeper than that. This show is a perfect example of ‘good writing which is battling with bad direction’. On countless occasions, you would get to see continuity breaks, which were not intentional in any way. Even if you want to ignore such mistakes, you will not be able to do it. Because the makers have made such mistakes again and again as if they wanted the audience to just keep spotting.


Generally, writers give one type of character stick to one type of character. Just like a good person, only good will do. If it is bad then it is only bad, it is not that even that bad person will be good with anyone. ‘Illegal‘ gets delivered in that case. Here the characters are not perfect, so they seem real. They keep breaking and twisting their ideals according to the need.


Piyush Mishra has become a JJ, a lawyer who cheats even his children for his own benefit. It was a delight to see him on screen every minute. Such a person who speaks sweeter than the limit, but is equally vicious inside. Neha Sharma played the role of Niharika. She has been experimenting with her characters for some time now and doesn’t want to be just a ‘Tum Bin 2’ fame. His work here is not extraordinary, but not bad either. They deliver.

What makes Akshay Jaitley’s character stand out the most for me. Seeing at first glance, it seems that he is a misfit, does not belong in such a world. Lived in the shadow of the elder father throughout his life, there is no identity of himself apart from him. Not so bad a person as his father’s choices made him. But Akshay is not a saint either. Doesn’t shy away from manipulating as per his requirement. Akshay Oberoi of ‘Gurgaon’ has played the role of Akshay. Seeing him here, it can be said that this is one of the best performances of his career.


Illegal Season 2 has some flaws, but it can still be seen. At least it doesn’t try to be grand, that’s the best part of it. Then let us tell you that you can stream ‘Illegal’ Season 2 on Voot.

Illegal Season 2 Web Series Rating:

  • 3 / 5 (⭐️⭐️⭐️)

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