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Siteground Hosting Review | Best Hosting Review

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Siteground Hosting Review

Siteground is the most popular and WordPress recommended hosting provider. You must have known this, if you do not know, then know now.

Siteground Exclusive Features

Siteground offers some services that no other hosting company offers, know what?


1. Free Domain for Lifetime:

  • Yes, you heard it right Lifetime you are given a free domain on the site.
  • Other hosting such as Bluehost, Inmotion Hosting gives you free domain but for just 1 year, but here Siteground gives free domain lifetime.
  • Meaning you do not have to renew the domain name every year. And your $ 8-10 will also be saved.

2. Free Supercacher and SSD for Site Speed

  • Siteground provides you with in-house 3 layer caching which does not provide anything else.
  • Caching makes your site blazing fast. You can enable SuperCacher on your WordPress dashboard with a single click.
  • Once activated, your site will become superfast, guaranteed.
  • But it is available on Growbig and GoGeek plan only, not in the startup plan.
  • Along with this, you also get free SSD (solid-state drive) hardware support which helps to boost the speed of your site more.

3. Free WordPress Transfer Service

  • Want to transfer your site to the siteground by changing hosting?
  • Wait, you do not have to hire the developer nor do you want to do anything. The Siteground team will do this for free.
  • Siteground gives you a free WordPress transfer service, which does not provide any hosting provided shared plan.
  • For those who are not technically expert, this service is like saving a life.

4. Superfast Chat Support

  • I found the chat support of Bluehost and HostGator to be much better and faster with chat support.
  • In just a few seconds, the support team is available to chat with you, and you are helped very well.

5. Select your server

  • The siteground’s servers are available at 4 locations.
  • Your website will work as fast as your server is near your country.
  • While buying hosting, you can select the nearest Singapore server in India.
  • These are the 5 services that Citragrand gives you exclusive and no hosting provides it.
Siteground Hosting Review | Best Hosting Review

More Features:

1. 1-click WordPress install:

You can easily install WordPress in a single click. Softaculous installer provides you this service in hosting.

2. Advanced Cpanel:

In Siteground Cpanel, you can control your full website easily. Its advanced Cpanel provides various tools.

3. Unlimited Websites ( GrowBig Plan and GoGeek Plan only)

  • In the Startup plan, you can build only a single website, but in Growbig and GoGeek plan you can create unlimited websites.
  • Both plans provide unlimited site and database offer.

4. 99.9% Uptime ( No downtime )

Many websites guarantee 99.9% uptime but only a few of them can provide 99.9% uptime, the siteground is one of them.

5. Free Backup ( 30 days Backup copy )

  • Siteground has its backup system which can restore your site very fast.
  • In GrowBig and GoGeek Plan, you get a free backup offer that has 30 days backup copy. Also, you can buy a premium backup service which is available in just $2.95/month.

6. Advanced Security:

  • Security has been given a lot of importance in the Siteground. 
  • Siteground keeps your WordPress updated so that there is no chance of any security hole.

7. Free Cloudflare CDN:

Like Bluehost and Hostgator, Siteground also provides you Free Cloudflare CDN which you can activate from your Cpanel in a single click.

Now let’s see some of the disadvantages of Siteground.

Siteground Hosting Disadvantages:

There is no doubt that the siteground provides you the best WordPress hosting, but there are some disadvantages.

1. CPU Usage Limit:

  • In Siteground Hosting, you get CP usage percentage of your website per month, if the traffic on your site is very high and you have crossed the CPU usage level means you have crossed 100% then your site goes down.
  • In such situations, you can ask to increase your CPU limit through chat.
  • If the traffic on your site is moderate and does not cross the CPU usage limit then there is no problem. 

2. Limited monthly Visits:

Siteground WordPress Hosting has very limited monthly visits.

  • In Startup Plan which starts from $3.95/month, there are only 10000/month visits allowed for your website, which means if your site has 100000 visits per month then you should buy the GoGeek plan.
  • In GoGeek Plan, you get premium features which are similar to managed WordPress Hosting.
  • GrowBig Plan which starts from $7.95/month is perfect for 25000/month visits. But other hostings provide you unlimited visits at this price.

3. Limited Storage:

  • In the Startup plan, you get only 10GB storage.
  • In the GrowBig plan, you get 20GB storage.
  • In the GoGeek plan, you get 30GB storage.

At the same price, other hosting like Bluehost and Hostgator provide you unlimited storage.

Should You Take Siteground Hosting?

If you want features like fast chat support, advanced security, 99.9% uptime, faster hosting, Free lifetime domain then the siteground is the best for you.

But if you want Unlimited storage, unlimited visits then you can ignore siteground hosting and can choose Bluehost and Hostgator Hosting.



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