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BIGROCK Hosting Review | Web Hosting Reviews

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BIGROCK Hosting Review

Bigrock- Web Hosting is a service that provides you space to store the data on your website. Today, there are many websites on the Internet that provide Web Hosting. After purchasing web hosting, you can save the data of your website on that web hosting so that millions of users available on the Internet can open your website and read that data.

When we create a website, all the types of content we upload on our website, all the data is saved on our hosting so that users can read those data, so all the people who blog for their blog or website should buy hosting.

There are many websites on the Internet from where you can buy Hosting for your blog or website. In this article, we are telling you about the Bigrock Site because Godaddy, Hostgator, and Bigrock are considered the best websites to buy hosting, and most people prefer hosting and domain buying from these websites.

Before buying Web Hosting, you need to know what type of Web Hosting is there and which Hosting is used for which purpose.

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There are two types of Bigrock Web Hosting that everyone uses today-

1- Linux Hosting– Linux Hosting works with PHP and MSQL. On Linux Hosting you can create your website through WordPress, Zen Cart & PHP bb. Linux Hosting works very well that is why all WordPress users buy Linux Hosting to create their blog or website.

After buying Linux Hosting, you get a Hosting Panel on which you can add your domain and you can easily create your website. The best advantage of buying Linux hosting is that the loading speed of your website is good.

Which makes your website open quickly. Also, this hosting is available at a very low price from Windows Hosting. So you do not have to pay a lot of money and you can easily create your website.

It is very easy to buy Linux Hosting, you click on Bigrock’s Ad which has been given below, after this, you will be redirected to Bigrock’s website, now on this page, you get different plans available according to your needs. It can also select Plane.

With Web Hosting Plane, you get to know how much you will get that Linux Hosting Per Month. We suggest that when you are buying First Time Web Hosting, you should buy Web Hosting for the first 1 year only. So that when you get a good result, after 1 year, you can also renew your plan and increase the time of web hosting.

2- Windows Hosting– Windows Hosting Server uses the window to host (Store) the file. Normally Windows Hosting is slightly more expensive (more money) than Linux Hosting. That’s why most people do not like to buy Windows Hosting. Windows Hosting gives you ASP. NET, Microsoft Access & Microsoft SQL Server can create and host your website.

Buy Windows Hosting to Bigrock Hosting is very easy. You click on the ad given below Bigrock Windows Hosting and you will be redirected to Bigrock’s page.

Now you get different plans for Windows Hosting, in which you will get complete information about the things you are getting with that Web Hosting, along with it you will also know how much money you will get for Windows Hosting Per Month.

After this, you can select any Web Hosting Plan according to you and buy.

We will suggest that you first buy Windows Hosting for only 1 year so that if you feel that hosting is good for you and you are getting good results then you can increase your plan by renewing your plan.

Why Buy Web Hosting From Bigrock

Bigrock is a very famous company today and Bigrock’s service is also very good we had bought a domain from Bigrock which is working very well. Because we use Blogger, we do not need to buy Hosting, so we have not bought Hosting yet. Therefore, we cannot give you a lot of information about Hosting.

But if we talk about the service, then we have used Bigrock and its service is very good and customer support is also available to you. From Bigrock you can buy hosting of different types like:

  • Linux Hosting
  • Windows hosting
  • Linux Reseller Hosting
  • Windows Reseller Hosting
  • CMS Hosting
  • Ecommerce Hosting

You can buy all these hosting through Bigrock Website.

Quality of Bigrock

By purchasing Hosting from Bigrock, you get 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so that you can withdraw your money within 30 days. Suppose you bought a Linux Hosting from Bigrock and hosted your website, now you feel that Bigrock Hosting is not performing well and it is having a bad effect on your website or you need any technical support and If you are not getting it through Bigrock, then you can withdraw your money, which does not harm you.

This is a good facility that Bigrock provides because many times we buy the product and then we feel that we have made a mistake and we should not have bought that product, so in that case, we will return the product Get your money back.

Bigrock Technical Customer Support

Now, if we talk about technical support, Bigrock provides you Toll-Free Number, so that you can collate for free and take technical support. The Bigrock Toll-Free Number is (1800 266 7625). Bigrock 99.9% Uptime provides technical support to you, that too for 24 hours, which means 24 hours a week, you can call this Toll Free Number anytime and get Customer Support. We would suggest you take Bigrock’s information from your hand too and only after talking to your friends or people you trust, you Buy Hosting from Bigrock.

In Conclusion:

Talking about us, we have used Bigrock’s product and we have also got a good result, that is why we are telling you about this product. So if you want to create a website, you can try and buy Hosting from Bigrock once.

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